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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quotes and Interpretations from Osho's Awareness

I recently had the extreme pleasure of reading a book by Osho titled "Awareness". I feel that where Dr. Hawkins' book "Power v. Force" is maybe a 100 level class of my particular philosophy, Osho's is at least a sophomore level text.

There is so much to cover in this book, I've decided to simply quote it, and give my interpretation and various musings on said quote.

P 37
"Remember, this is the difference between philosophy and religiousness: philosophy is a tranquilizer, religiousness is a shock philosophy helps you to sleep well, religiousness brings you out of sleep. Religiousness is not a philosophy - it is a technique to bring you out of your unconsciousness."

P 39
"If the majority doesn't laugh at you, be aware that you must be saying something wrong. If the majority laughs, only then is something true. When the majority thinks you are a fool, then there is some possibility of your being a wise man; otherwise there is no possibility."
-How often are people quick to judge, assimilate, and laugh at things that are outside their pre-approved frame of reference. I felt this was an excellent moral-building statement for people who are nervous about being judged as overly spiritual.

P 43
"The very fact that you are aware changes your acts. Then you cannot commit sin. Not that you have to control yourself, no! Control is a poor substitute for awareness..."
-I found it very interesting, the almost paradoxical idea that all one has to do is be aware of their actions - truly aware, and sin simply disappears. A human has the innate knowledge of right and wrong, as we all know. However success is not gained through control, it is gained through surrender and observation.

P 57
"Whatever you do, if you can remember yourself, you are nearer to the center. Then someday suddenly you are centered."
-A very powerful point. Through consistent, diligent effort of being aware of yourself, you will achieve enlightenment.

P 61-62
This is too big of a quote for me to put all together. In this set of pages, Osho talks about the difference between Eastern and Western ways of thinking. In Western thinking, much weight is given to finding the "source of the problem". In Eastern philosophy, no weight is given to finding the "source of the problem". All importance is given to existing in the moment. According to Eastern logic, since enlightenment can be achieved instantly at the point of awareness, it is faster and easier to forget what you have done throughout your entire life - as it is passed it is dead to us anyway - and work only on awareness of the now. Once you reach enlightenment, none of it will matter to you anyway.

P 64
"The East has a totally different outlook. First, it says no problem is serious. The moment you say no problem is serious, the problem is almost 99% dead. Your whole view changes.
-Another very powerful point - but so difficult to so many people I've spoken to. The realization that you are still alive and, therefore, have more on the earth to accomplish is too easily overrun by egoic manifestations of what is "really" important in western society.

As we have reached the halfway point, I believe I will cut this post in half. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After having watched the movie "Water", I'm inspired to make a few comments on it, and explain how it relates to our technology.

First, I agree with the majority of what was said in the video - to the point that anything that I don't necessarily agree with I don't consider important, or just don't remember.

Water puts forth the concept that all people can project certain energetic signatures (not terribly surprising there) and that those signatures can have positive or negative effects on the things around us: especially in the water in our environment.

They go on to speak about how water has an extremely complex liquid crystal lattice structure that has the potential to store massive amounts of data in each molecule of H2O. This allows water to effectively "remember" the materials and energies that it has been through during its' lifetime. Consequently, water that has come from a sewage treatment plant still has an energetic memory of certain... things, and those things have the potential to still be harmful to an individual.

The third thing of particular interest to me is the ability for water to be *psychic*. This was hinted at in the movie from several experiments that involved effecting one container of water and watching the other container of water achieve a similar effect (energetic level, quality, etc) as the test subject.

This gives a certain validation to our energized water program. As we put out positive energy from the various machines we have produced, it absolutely can energize the water you drink, thereby producing a positive resonance effect throughout all the water in your body. This not only helps you to achieve a higher level of health, but radiates out to those around you: benefiting everyone you come in contact with to some degree.

Clear Energy

Continuing from our previous post, I will now talk about what occurs on a physical and mental level when positionality and negative energy becomes transcended.

Conquering the Ego is one of the main goals of every major religion. In some religions, such as Buddhism, transcending the Ego is the only goal. So what is the point? Why are we supposed to go to this great effort to shed ourselves of something we were born with? Something that has been with us our entire lives?

The goal is to become a perfectly functioning human. A person who has a rich and fulfilling life, who brings light to other people while illuminating their own path. A person who has transcended the cycle of negativity that causes so much dis-ease in the human unit.

It is our strong conviction that most sickness and pain comes from two things. The first: a lack of personal energy. As your energy level drops, it creates the chinks in your armor that allow the precursors of sickness to enter. The second: why people experience sickness and pain is, in our opinion, because of the negativity associated with Egoic interference. As the Ego feeds upon negativity, you begin a downward spiral of continuous negative action that builds upon itself and causes physical trauma.

These two things are, in my opinion, the reason why people die prematurely and in suffering. Death is merely a transitory phase from the physical to the etheric, as many religions and spiritual people will attest to. The fear of death is merely another construct of your Ego and is easily seen to cause much pain in a person's life. The suffering felt by many peoples' deaths is directly attached to their fear of death. It can also be attached to the mental "anguish" that people inflict upon themselves during their dying phase.

Note that I said premature death. Everyone dies, it is a necessary part of our existence. However to a person who has clear energy, a person who has transcended their ego, death is welcomed as an adventure and, because of that attitude, transcends suffering, sadness and all the other negative connotations associated to it.

On a more important note: how does a person with clear energy truly live? The answer is much more fun to write about than how they die!

A person with clear energy lives in the moment. No longer are they bogged down by petty reactionary attitudes towards their fellow humans. They are alive and alight with the bliss that everything in the world is truly perfect and cared for. They are able, to quote one of my more favorite movies, "to let that which does not matter, truly slide." They are empowered and show it. They are a joy to be around, and cure the mental, physical, and emotional troubles of people who are in their energetic field. They love, are loved, without the usual "pain" associated with a relationship: freely. They are neither lonely, nor needy, nor basically anything detrimental.

To a skeptic, this sounds too good to be true. This sounds like some perfect-world theory that is impossible, and silly, to even try to attain. This is the skeptic's Ego interfering with their ability to be happy and at peace. Truth be told, anyone reading this has the necessary components of divinity already in their body. They simply need to decide what is best for them. Is it best to pursue perfection? Best to free themselves from the ties that not only bind, but draw earthward: to discomfort and enslavement? I doubt it. It's much more fun in the long run to clear your negativity, to clear your preconceptions, to clear your energy.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, you can look into ways to supercharge your own progress on our websites!

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On Positionality

I begin this concept as I left off of the last: Egoic Interference.

As we have established from the previous article, the Ego exists to put your events into a "me first" type of attitude. It takes possession of reality by making events happen around you.

So, why do we consider this a problem?

My answer is this: the Ego gives us an improper and inefficient focus in life. Namely, the animalistic concept of threat or the narcissistic concept of duality. Let me explain this further.

First we will take the view that the Ego is a relic of our uncivilized times, when people had to work off of instinct to stay alive, the Ego was conditioned to immediately recognize events in reality and place them in a "How does this affect me" category. Back then, there was really no problem with that. You had to worry whether or not you were about to get eaten, starve to death, or any number of legitimate threats that existed. As humanity has progressed, we have moved to the top of the food-chain, and have virtually no natural predators except ourselves. However, our relic, the Ego, still exists. This Ego, conditioned to react aggressively, only serves to immediately categorize all the events around you in a fight or flight set of responses. As we have grown up, our Ego has not.

Second, we will take the esoteric religious concept of Ego. This is the idea that the Ego exists and, for whatever reason, only serves to inhibit our personal growth. You can find examples of this in nearly any esoteric religious interpretation of humanity. When Jesus says, "Pray for those who persecute you," He is speaking about the optimal condition: a lack of Ego. When Buddha says, "All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?" He is talking about, again, the lack of Ego.

The impact of this is: our Ego gets in the way of legitimate thinking. When you combine lightning fast decision making with the negativity that permeates our life, you have a recipe for a downward spiral of emotional conflict and psychological trauma.

As you live your life, making judgments, feeding your ego, getting pissed off at so and so, or repeating unhealthy relationships endlessly, you age. What is really happening in life is simple: you are making yourself age, and ultimately die, faster. Everyone progresses in years from the point they are born until they die. However, if you pay attention, you can see that everyone around you appears to be suffering.

At this point I will explain one more concept, that of suffering. Suffering, very simply, is a negative attachment to feeling pain. Pain, as everyone knows, is a natural part of life. It is the way we learn from, or adapt to, situations. When a person experiences pain, they have two ways to respond. The first is the non-Egoic reaction. In that reaction, the pain is analyzed and understood peacefully. This causes the pain to be dissipated rapidly, and the experience is learned from. The second reaction is the Egoic reaction: suffering. You are in pain and you start making judgments about it. "I can't believe that he would say that to me... He HATES me!" Or fill in any other comment that you have heard, or made yourself. When a person attaches negative thoughts to pain, the pain lingers. It also, more importantly, is not *dealt* with. It is repressed behind all sorts of new thoughts you are thinking (your abusive boyfriend, your micromanaging boss, your own stupidity), and it will hide there forever if it can. As you might be able to see when the reason for the pain is hiding, it cannot be removed. You will forget about it eventually, but it will still be in your body - causing you headaches while you sleep.

This is the end result of being a positional being; An inability to adapt and learn from mistakes. A (shorter) lifetime of suffering and ignorance. So, what does it mean when this mindset is transcended? That will be our topic for the next post!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Egoic Interference

Today, we are going to examine the concept of Egoic Interference, and the effects it has on the individual.

Ascension, our main goal here, is the process that a person takes to remove the Ego's hold on the body's consciousness. Before I go further, I'll explain a few things.

I have capitalized Ego because many people view it as an "outside" entity. While the concept will range from a full-fledged evil entity (Satan, demonic attack, etc) to simply a person's instinctual brain developed when humans had to activate their fight or flight responses to survive in the wild.

Regardless of what the Ego actually is, we can easily define its' effects on the human experience. Your Ego, from the moment you are born, begins to shape your position on the events that occur around you. For ease, I will break this concept down into steps. Step 1) An event occurs. Step 2) You witness the event. Step 3) Your Ego takes possession of the event by placing you in a dominant position; the events are now purposefully directed towards you. Step 4) Your Ego then makes judgments on that event. Step 5) Positionality is created as the judgments are processed and emotions are assigned to your interpretation.

For example, we will discuss a hypothetical interaction between James and Jessica. Jessica walks into a coffee shop, where James is sitting down, drinking a coffee and reading. Jessica looks down and, seeing James looking up, smiles at him and walks by, assuming he is interested in her.
We will break this down into steps now. Step 1) Eye contact was made between two people of the opposite sex. Step 2) Jessica "witnessed" the event. What I mean here is she experienced some aspect of the event. In this case, she saw a person who was looking in a certain direction. Step 3) Jessica's Ego took possession of the event. The dominant position in this example is obvious: Jessica's very assumption that the events occurring were occurring to her. He was making a statement by looking at her. Step 4) Judgments were then made. IE: assumption of physical attraction. Step 5) Positionality is created when physical attraction is assigned an emotional content. In this example happiness, of a sort, is assigned to Jessica's judgment.

If you find yourself reacting emotionally to the previous story, saying with great conviction, “Well, that certainly doesn't sound like a bad situation! Maybe they have a shot at being happy, and who should take that away from them?" You have probably just gone through your own set of 5 steps right now. You would have just assigned an emotion to a judgment created by your own Ego. Realize at this point we aren’t looking to put a positive or negative spin on Egoic interference, we are simply diagramming the process in which the Ego takes outside events and makes them of personal, visceral importance to you. If this has happened to you, try to go back through the five steps and diagram the Egoic journey you made while reading this example.

So we see now how the Ego takes possession of events that occur in life. The addition of emotional content to events is termed "Positionality". This idea of Positionality encompasses all of the harmful aspects of the Ego, and is the main roadblock to ascension of any kind. As a person grows up and continues to color all aspects of everything that happens around them through their own particular lens, they develop cracks in their psychology which, in turn, inhibits their ability to be peaceful and be able to express love in an unconditional manner.

Positionality however, will be the subject of our next post! In it, I will discuss examples and theories behind why being positional inhibits us from living our lives to the fullest, happiest we can.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What is BioEtherics? pt. 2

We continue where the previous post left off: with the introduction of the Tachyon.

As a recap, we have a particle that is practically infinitely small, that exists at speeds only faster than light, that is the energizing particle of the two sets of dimensions outside of our normal "reality".

Our distance energy harnesses the power of this manifestation-matter and supercharges it into an individual, with particular energetic signatures that we have researched and consider to promote optimal health, carried along with it.

This shows a quality that is unique in alternative healing. You are hit with a massive amount of spiritual energy all day, every day. The scope of the actual power is much beyond anything that a person can normally put out, for a much longer time than any human can maintain. For example in our testing, our weakest machine uses about the same spiritual energy (in this case tachyon flow) as 3,000 people. An easy way to understand this is, through our testing, the weakest machine we have has a similar effect to 3,000 people praying for your health and well-being for 24 hours a day, all year. That's a lot of good intention!

As our technology increased, the power of the machines have increased exponentially. With the last machine that we are willing to use for the public having the power of several million people, roughly.

This massive amount of spiritual power accomplishes several important things. The first is that it removes the ability to hold onto negative emotions. This includes stress from work, home, anywhere. It also, by proxy, increases personal relaxation and physical ability. The last effect of serious note, is that it puts you on the fast-track to spiritual ascension.

But spiritual ascension is destined for another post! Coming soon.

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